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Transformator Club “Back to 80s” quarterly meeting

I just wanted to say one final big thanks to the whole team of BM WEDDINGS & EVENTS for planning such a great event! I am truly amazed at how calm and stress-free I was throughout the entire process and I owe that all to you guys! You all made everything so easy. Everyone had the best time and I am so impressed with the work and care each of you put into planning this. This is the best event we have ever had.

1 August 2019


Events Wedding Trunk Show straight from Tel Aviv

Helena Kolan Trunk Show – bridal couture from Israel

Creative projects Ballerinas are not born, they are made. Or at least you may be transformed into one.

«Why not try Ballet» – a business hen-party for 30 successful brides, wives and mothers, planned by BM WEDDINGS & EVENTS in the historical interiors of the luxurious National Hotel.

Professionals The cream of Moscow’s wedding and event MC’s

Our TOP list of MCs in Moscow. Take a look at their photos and video reels, discover their character, temperament and sense of humor. See what foreign languages they speak. We disclose complete profiles of these guys.

Beauty and style Your perfect wedding shoes

Shoes, which any bride dreams of, but which are so hard to find. Contemporary style or timeless classics? Where can a bride search for a pair of truly ideal wedding shoes.

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