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How to plan a wedding for a mature couple?

1. Why is a wedding for a mature couple not the same as for a young one?

Our wedding planner has a rich experience in organizing weddings for adult couples. We have been on the wedding market for more than 18 years, and the word of mouth is still reaching from the first clients. All these couples, who found us through recommendations, usually, are already over 35-40 years old. I am also 36 years old, and as the founder of the agency, I understand the values and expectations of adult couples well. Therefore, we easily find a common ground, and from the first meeting, the couple chooses our wedding agency without hesitation.

Mature couples have a richer experience of attending weddings, a more demanding taste and a well-formed style. From such brides, you rarely hear the answer « I do not know» to the planner’s question «What do you expect from the wedding? » or «For what and for who are you arranging the celebration?»

2. Are there any subtleties in communication?

Oddly enough, in adult couples, grooms are 2 times more actively involved in the organization of the wedding. An accomplished man knows exactly his strengths, what part of the planning process he would like to have control of, and what he would entrust to the bride. Men prefer to agree on the overall budget and approximate distribution of expenditure at the initial stage of wedding planning, and then give the freedom of choosing contractors for the bride.

At the same time, for a mature bride, a personal wedding organizer is no longer the best friend (as often happens when you work with young people), but a professional, expert, and adviser.

3. Are there any peculiarities in organizing a wedding?

Adult couples are sometimes conservative, do not want to agree to some unusual twists in the script or surprises. They perceive the classic course of events at a wedding as more comfortable. But at the same time, we have never had requests for a loaf, a long series of toasts or a ransom for the bride. I am glad that adult couples have a luxurious taste, refined style and a desire to make the wedding as European as possible.

Adult couples, in my observation, are more scrupulous about their appearance. 9 out of 10 grooms prefer tailor-made suits. Brides almost always take a stylist with a full – package service for the whole day, purchase 2-3 wedding dresses and 2 pairs of shoes for different parts of the wedding celebration.

4. Which format of the celebration is more suitable?

From the experience of our wedding agency at adult weddings, there has always been a classic gala dinner format. Adult relatives cannot stand on their feet for a long time – therefore buffet and cocktail parties are not suitable.

5. A party: yes or no?

More likely no than yes. But this does not mean that the wedding of an adult couple is boring and prim. A good empathetic MC, a superbly thought-out script, a perky cover band – and the wedding will be 100% fun.

6. What advice would you give to adult couples? What is the best way to plan your wedding day?

Adult couples always have families with children among the guests. Make sure that an animator is present at the event. This will make life easier not only for parents, but for all guests. Children should play in a separate area from the banquet.

When organizing a wedding, pay special attention to drawing up seating arrangements. Elderly relatives and guests of the couple should never be seated near the speakers. Loud music is perceived by them as an element of discomfort, but not unbridled fun.

Together with the MC, go through the list of guests and indicate which of the guests it is appropriate to address by name, and who must be called by name and patronymic. The elder the guests, the more respect should be shown to their status and age.

Don’t stretch the scenario past midnight. We recommend bringing out the cake and completing the official wedding program at 22:00. At adult weddings, it is rare when the disco is delayed even until 1 am. The biological rhythms of adult couples and their guests are arranged differently, and it is worth considering this factor of life comfort.

12 July 2022


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