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Mistakes brides make on their wedding day

Представляем вашему вниманию ТОП-5 ошибок, которые невесты совершают в день свадьбы и которые у вас есть возможность избежать.

They say it’s more effective to learn from your mistakes – you immediately figure out what it is and learn how to deal with it. But there is at least one situation in life when it is better to learn from the mistakes of others. And it’s your wedding! You have to agree, to organize an ideal celebration somehow from the second attempt is not inspiring. Our wedding agency presents to your attention the TOP 5 mistakes that brides make on their wedding day and that you have the opportunity to avoid:

Завтрак невесты

1.Do not have breakfast. So that the wedding dress will definitely fit in the most ideal way. As a result, by the middle of the day you will feel hungry, angry, tired, and the photo and video team will still demand smiles and an airy mood from you. Remember, a delicious, aesthetic and unhurried wedding breakfast is a must-have item in the scenario of your wedding. On the day of the celebration, there is so much fuss and events that you may only be able to sit down at the table for the second time at a banquet. So be sure to ask your wedding coordinator to include this item in your wedding script.

2. Invite 5-10 bridesmaids to the morning gathering «to support and calm the nerves» and not figure out what to do with them. Any out-of-control group of women can wreak havoc on your idyllic wedding morning, even if it’s a group of best friends. They will keep running into your room to shoot another Instagram story, distracting the photographer to take «one last and such an urgent photo for Facebook», blocking the light from the videographer’s window, asking where to get hairspray / antistatic / pills from a headache. As a result, the atmosphere in your ideal space for morning gatherings will be, to put it mildly, tense and extremely hectic. But this does not mean that the bride’s morning should be spent in proud solitude. You just need to think about the timing of your gatherings in advance and provide some activities for your bridesmaids. For example, we sometimes arrange a staged photo breakfast for your best friends, where they exchange memorable gifts with the bride. Then, when the bride leaves to get ready, the bridesmaids can be busy filling out an album with wishes or rehearsing a collective toast. If your friends are also eager to take pictures, then it is advisable to think over the shooting location and provide a separate photographer for them, while the main team will be occupied by the bride.

Подружки невесты

3. Do not take spare low-heeled shoes to a photo session / banquet, because your ideal wedding «louboutins» sit on your leg so comfortably and beautifully that you are ready to walk in them all day long. Alas, this is another misconception and another common wedding mistake that brides make. By the middle of the day, you will dream of throwing off your heels and putting on cozy terry slippers. Take a pair of ballet flats with you for a photo shoot and then put them under the table next to you at the wedding dinner. During the banquet, none of the guests will notice if you temporarily change your luxurious louboutins for elegant ballet flats.

Свадебные балетки
Свадебные балетки
Свадебные балетки

4. Give guests your cell phone as a contact and answer constant calls and SMS all day with questions: «How to get to the restaurant?», «What is the weather expected at the outdoor ceremony? », «What is your dress code for the wedding?», «Can I leave my car overnight in the restaurant parking lot?» All these questions should be answered by your wedding coordinator, whose phone number should be available to each guest in advance. In our wedding agency, an individual planner is attached to each couple – it will help in these matters. On the day of the celebration, you, as a bride, should not be disturbed by anything, and your cell phone can only burst with congratulations. Although, to be honest, the managers of our wedding agency advise you to entrust a cell phone to one of your bridesmaid, and devote yourself exclusively to yourself, the groom, photo shoots and those pleasant emotions that occur in real life, and not on social media and your phone.

Телефон невесты

5. Start crying and throw a tantrum if something went wrong: suddenly it started raining, half of the guests got stuck in traffic and are late for half an hour, the groom’s aunt did not appreciate the wedding dress, the best friend’s child got sick and she will not come to the morning gathering … Brides are so focused on the details that, sometimes, they think that the success of the whole wedding (read «the whole future life») depends precisely on how to please absolutely every guest and execute the entire prescribed scenario to the minute. Believeus, happiness does not lie in this. The main thing is to feel like a real princess on the wedding day, next to which stands the best man in the world. We have been convinced more than once that the happier and calmer the bride feels, the more harmonious the celebration is. By winding yourself up with negative thoughts, you can easily infect everyone around you with negativity. Therefore, waking up in the morning on the wedding day, smile at yourself in the mirror and say that this will be the best day of your life!

Волнение перед свадьбой

We hope that our list of the most common wedding mistakes that a bride makes on her wedding day will help you avoid them and enjoy your celebration to the fullest! Be happy, live in the moment!

12 July 2022


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