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National wedding

How to prepare a wedding without ever seeing the bride, how to disarm the skeptical groom’s dad, and how not to turn a national style wedding into a concert?


Lotte Hotel Moscow




3 months

Number of Guests

250 pax

National weddings are often held in two countries or cities. The first wedding of the two, celebrated by our couple Arina and Rajab, was organized by the bride’s side. A magnificent traditional wedding was held in Dagestan. The groom’s dad was fully engaged in preparing the second wedding in Moscow. All details, from choosing a venue to choosing a stylist for the bride and buying boxes for gifts – everything was subject to control. For a wedding agency, the participation of the client in the staff selection at all stages creates a certain difficulty…

We, BM Weddings, are confident in the contractors we recommend and carefully select all participants in the wedding preparation based on their experience, cases and portfolios. We work with top specialists, proven by our partners and us, and submit for approval the most suitable contractors for a project. Estimates, commissions, and payments are completely transparent. We know all the subtleties of timing configurations and working with decorators and easily interact with the technical service…

However, from time to time we have clients who have never put the planning of an event of this scale in a stranger’s hands, so it’s hard for them to trust a wedding agency completely. Our task was not only to follow the TOR (terms of reference), but also to prove ourselves and our skills in the eyes of the groom’s father, so that the family could trust us to organize the wedding with all diligence.

After lengthy negotiations and, of course, with a wave of our magic wand, the preparation went like clockwork. It was interesting and difficult to organize a Dagestani wedding, avoiding a feast with an endless toasts and dances. The task was to hold a classic wedding, develop a stylish design, surprise guests with a non-standard view of the national wedding, and reveal the beauty of traditions in a new way.

The venue for the celebration was the classic Cristal hall in the five-star Lotte Hotel Moscow. A hotel with an amazing service and great attention to each client. A huge number of advantages to hold a wedding on such a site, especially for large weddings with a scale of 300 guests. Here they will find a shirt for you, steam off your dress, bring a snack to your room and fulfill 1000 and one request of your guests.

The wedding was designed in classic colors, matching the palette chosen by the groom’s dad. The celebration was decorated with multi-level compositions with an emphasis on the color of Bordeaux, the backdrop of the wedding presidium turned out to be very large-scale and accentuated, and the decorators tried to make the ceremony more delicate by adding details with national patterns. We also had a great responsibility in choosing a bouquet for the bride and choosing a stylist for her wedding look.

Rajab and Arina appeared in the hall after a touching teaser with views of Dagestan, and a heavy fog wrapped around them and accompanied them to the wedding presidium.

At the welcome guests were greeted by a saxophonist, and at the banquet a singer, who flew straight from Dagestan to perform local hits during gastronomic breaks, became another musical surprise. The Times Band cover band rocked out with the guests during the active musical breaks. Well, it wouldn’t be a national wedding without Dagestani dances, three national dances of the artists just hit the hall! Closer to the end of the banquet, the guests were in for another surprise – the first dance of the bride and groom, accompanied by a light show. Hasanpasha was really worried about the fact that not so many artists participate in the program and wanted to add even more variety to it. But here it was our job to stop him in time and convince him that it is very easy to overdo it and make the wedding flashy.

The long toasts and congratulation speeches problem was solved as well by the host Denis Lasarev, who with our help perfectly timed the event and politely interrupted when the guests got carried away with long speeches. It was done by the client’s wish.

It’s safe to say that such a properly conducted event impressed all the guests and the clients as well. And for the bride the whole wedding was a complete surprise! Hasanpasha didn’t expect that everything would go so smoothly, and that even for a few days after the event he would receive thankful calls and texts saying that the wedding was a blast! We once again affirmed that we are the professionals in our field.

We made a list of performances that are a must-have in your wedding program.

  1. National dance groups create a special color and atmosphere – bright Caucasus ensemble’s performances: the sword dance, the pair dance and the lezgian dance.
  2. The newlyweds’ first dance at Arina and Rajab’s wedding, for example, was accompanied with a light show and a haze of smoke.
  3. The traditional bride’s dance accompanied by girl dancers. It is one of the anticipated and impressive parts of the program.
  4. Solo singers and musical ensembles with national instruments and in traditional clothing can diversify the dancing program.

I want a memorable wedding!

All you need to make a perfect event is to submit an online inquiry or make a call and arrange an appointment with your personal manager in our office.

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All you need to make a perfect event is to submit an online inquiry or make a call and arrange an appointment with your personal manager in our office.