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Armenian wedding

Star headliners, a cover band, national dances and dozens of toasts – why did Garik and Rita decide to ask for help from a wedding Agency when almost everything was ready?


Lotte Hotel Moscow




2,5 months

Number of Guests

270 pax

The bride Margarita asked us for help, already being in the process of preparing for the wedding. At this stage, the couple has already chosen a venue for the wedding, a host, a photo and a video team, and a cover band. But despite the impressive amount of work that was already done, the bride realized that it would be difficult without the help of a professional wedding agency, since there were a lot of performers (starting with the dance group accompanying the couple’s first dance and ending with the headliner of the event – Leonid Agutin).

At the first meeting, the bride and the groom told us that the wedding will be big, noisy and fun, while all the proper traditions will be preserved.

Армянская свадьба

The venue for the wedding was a luxurious Banquet hall «Cristal» in the Lotte Hotel Moscow. This is not the first time our had worked in this location, so we were delighted to learn about such a great choice, because a wedding at a hotel (especially Lotte) has a number of advantages. An interesting fact is that three weeks before the wedding of Garik and Rita, we organized another national wedding of Arina and Rajab in the same hall.

гостиница Lotte Hotel Moscow.

The preparation for the wedding was a real fun. The bride made decisions quickly and without hesitation – if she and Garik liked something, it was immediately added to the program. Even before our joint preparations, they had already booked famous singers: KaRe, Zomb and everyone’s beloved Leonid Agutin. With such a large number of star performers, adherence to all riders is very important, so our technical team was engaged in the strict implementation of all technical components, and managers spoke with the representatives of the artists so as not to miss any details in the technical rider.

Our team often works with celebrities, so there were no difficulties either. But it should be noted that with such a large number of speakers, the choice of a venue plays an important role. A large number of dressing rooms, attendants for each dressing room, the presence of mandatory points on the list of the technical rider – all these factors affect the choice of the location.

KaRe выступление на армянской свадьбе
Леонид Агутин выступает на армянской свадьбе

The wedding was designed by very talented guys from the company Flo Kiosk. At the first meeting, they presented their project to Rita and Garik and immediately hit the target. The decorations were presented in light peach colors, but the guys were especially fascinated with the fact that the decorators suggested using real fruits in the compositions.

Before the wedding, the bride and groom traditionally went to spend the night in different places. The groom stayed in the apartment and spent the morning with his family and closest friends, while the bride and her friends preferred to gather at the hotel. When the groom arrived at the hotel, he was met by the bridesmaids with merry dances and the sounds of the Armenian duduk.

The meeting of Rita and Garik was very touching and tender, surrounded by the most important people to the couple. After that, the newlyweds went to a photoshoot, where no one distracted them from enjoying each other.

молодожены на армянской свадьбе
вид с гостиницы Lotte Hotel Moscow
организация красивой свадьбы в армянском стиле
гости на армянской свадьбе

While the guests, accompanied by beautiful girls from Arfa Sound, gathered in the welcome zone, the bride and groom rehearsed their first dance in the hall, because according to the plan it was with the dance the main evening program started. Accompanied by a light show, the dance of the young couple immersed all guests in the atmosphere of a fairy tale.

The program of the wedding evening was very rich – in addition to performances by artists, the young people wanted to perform traditional national dances and give the opportunity to say toasts to as many guests as possible.

Together with the guys, we tried to make the program very diverse and please all the guests, so during the musical interlude, in addition to the star-headliners, the lively cover band «Cote D’azur» performed with a repertoire that combined modern hits, songs for the older generation and Armenian songs. With such a rich program, it was very important to follow the timing strictly, so that all the artists were on stage on time – everything worked out as smoothly as possible and right on time.

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All you need to make a perfect event is to submit an online inquiry or make a call and arrange an appointment with your personal manager in our office.