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Elegant wedding in the Moscow region

Bride’s morning jog on the wedding day, exquisite decor and immersive love story of the newlyweds – a non-trivial celebration of Inna and Alexander.


Country Club «Luzhki»




2 months

Number of Guests

40 pax

The wedding idea and concept

Inna and Alexander came to our wedding agency with a clear understanding of how they see their first family celebration: no contrived gloss, tortured performances, but the atmosphere of comfort and high-quality service, European elegance and intelligence – in short, an elegant wedding in a classical style, where details are everything!


The venue selection

The closed country club Luzhki was selected as a venue for the wedding. Green velvet meadows, 100 hectares’ forest, embankments disappearing into the distance, perfectly trimmed lawns. All of these helped the young couple make an unconditional decision to celebrate their wedding exactly here. Also, there is a cozy restaurant with a panoramic view of the lake.

Счастливая невеста

In a series of perfectly planned classic attributes of the wedding day, there still was a place for non-trivial and fashionable metropolitan activities. You wouldn’t believe it, but a bridal morning began with a 7 am jog. Inna decided not to miss it even on the wedding day. After energetic physical exercises, the couple shared the morning gatherings of the newlyweds and headed to the most contemporary Register office of Moscow region in Barvikha Luxury Village.

Невеста со свадебным букетом
Свадебный букет из роз в пастельных тонах

While the newlyweds walked around the picturesque area of the club, the guests had lively conversations over a glass of champagne in a beautifully colorful lounge bar to the sounds of jazz improvisations. According to the bride’s wish, we have revamped the classical jazz band into an original trio of a guitar, a grand piano and a double bass.

Свадебная флористика в пастельных тонах

Wedding decor

As soon as our agency started drawing up the concept of the restaurant’s design, the main condition of the newlyweds was not to build up an airy and light space with a large number of decorations, but only to complement the hall with floral compositions, flowing threads of crystal and candles. By the way, only fresh flowers were used in the design. As if with a wave of the magic wand, florists made all the dreams of our bride come true – the design turned out to be elegant and exquisite.

In the evening’s program there was an immersive love story, played out right in front of guests with the participation of the couple and the bride’s close friends, high-quality music from the best metropolitan cover band The TimesBand, an interactive literary and creative competition of the star of the TV show «Toch-V-Toch» Danila Dunaev and bright fireworks over the lake at the end of the wedding!

If you prefer classics to extraordinary concepts, we share winning ideas for your celebration:

A wedding in a classical style is always elegant, fashionable and relevant. Opt for a classical one if you are lost in a variety of ideas.

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All you need to make a perfect event is to submit an online inquiry or make a call and arrange an appointment with your personal manager in our office.