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Neon Extravaganza

Bright flashes of electric blue and fuchsia in a black and white space, vibrations of neon impulses – here it is, the picture that brings together two different worlds of Maria and Pavel.


EcoLoft, Moscow Region




4 months

Number of Guests

70 pax

The concept of the neon wedding has become a unification of many opposing ideas and desires of the bride and the groom. Pavel insisted on the presence of his beloved electric blue colour in the wedding palette, on the other hand Maria was for a strict and stylish black and white palette… however, every time she came to meet us at our office, she struck us with her delightful shades of bright scarlet lipstick.

We do not have a lot of common interest, as all people we work a lot, love delicious foods… and there is a special connection between us – our love vibes…

the Newlyweds, Masha and Pasha

The energy, vibration, pulse, drive – these associations have pushed us to create such an interesting concept.

To such a decisive and non-trivial idea of ​​a wedding, invitations simply had to become original too. Together with the bureau of Maria Kirvas, we came up with a combination of modern materials, daring colors and stylish printed typography. This is how the corrugated envelopes embossed with a monogram, a velvet-rubber invitation card with an UV imprint and a perfect black vinyl disc with a dress code for guests have appeared.

With the wedding monogram of Masha and Pasha – PM – a whole story is connected that contains a number of interesting facts. By itself, the abbreviation PM in English stands for evening hours of the afternoon. In the invitations, we used this abbreviation to indicate the start time of the wedding ceremony – 5.08 PM. And in the coveted alphanumeric combination, attentive guests could see the wedding date – August 05.

Maria was on the hunt for the bright, lacquered, fuchsia Jimmy Choo pumps for a whole week –  sometimes there was no size, then the desires shade was not on sale. At the end the search for the cherished dream was worth it – stylish pumps did not leave Katya Romanova’s lens all morning. Bright lipstick that matched the shoes perfectly, complemented the look of our neon bride.

After reviewing a dozen of showrooms, sites and shops of boudoir dresses, pajamas and bathrobes, Masha resolutely stated that nothing suits her. In fact … none of these outfits fit  the original neon concept. And then we decided that we would create it from scratch.

Утро невесты
Утро невесты. Неоновая свадьба

It happens that the fate itself pushes you to take certain actions. So with the morning look of our bride … it is worth talking about it, as the wedding organizer Varvara Peregudova was invited to a private show of the new boudoir collection of dresses from Maria Alekseeva, where her attention was caught by the two incredible dresses, out of the finest hand dyed translucent silk – weightless skirts magically shimmered with purple-pink and blue. At the same moment, a live video broadcast of the show was sent to Masha, and the next day the bride met with the creator of the collection.

The designer instantaneously understood Masha’s wishes for the style and the colour scheme of the outfit. The fabric was especially painted for us, and a couple of weeks later a surprisingly feminine and at the same time avant-garde, bold combination of a silk crop top with long sleeves and a skirt with a small train was born.

Утро невесты. Неон
Утро невесты

The groom’s costume was also made to order at our favourite atelier, Costume Code. The first fitting was held at the showroom on Rochdelka St., where we were freeted by a gallant and extremely helpful consultant. We can say that the hardest thing in making a tailored costume, is not to get confused by the variety of various fabrics, linings, threads and accessories. The groom chose an amazing Italian dark blue fabric, purple lining and the same bright thread for contrasting the outer loop on the sleeve of the jacket. We were delighted with the timing – just 3 weeks later, the suit was ready and sat like a glove!

We decided to immerse the guests into the neon concept of the wedding right away with a welcome cocktail. Having fenced off part of the space with curtains and covered panoramic windows with opaque cloths, decorators have achieved the effect of a complete blackout. The vintage iron barrels were decorated by the LED lights, psychedelic light spirals were hung on the walls, and the path leading up to a unique wedding arch, made out of more than 2000 threads, was laid out from touch panels. On a hot sunny day, finding yourself in a cool twilight light surrounded by neon rays and multi-colored spotlights – it is really something mysterious and magical.

9.5 hours – it took exactly this much time for the decorators to create the installation out of threads. We borrowed the idea of ​​a wedding arch from an original concept – String Art. Three square perforated platforms became the basis for fastening the snow-white threads, which were connected in one bundle under the ceiling at a height of 4.5 meters. Using a special diode backlight, we achieved a neon glow from the threads. An ordinary wedding arch became an art object, where the wedding guests were happy to take pictures.

Of course, this wedding included a photo zone – to the delight of all selfie lovers!

The decorators have combined all  summer trends in one location: a riot of tropical greenery, juicy peonies and fuchsia orchids, a strict black background and a bright neon sign with the wedding date and the initials of the newlyweds on it.

Every bride, waits for the moment when, holding her father’s arm, she will go up to the wedding arch, where she will be met by an equally excited groom. Masha’s exit was not only exciting, but an extremely spectacular episode of the entire ceremony. Each step the bride took was accompanied by a change in the color of the floor light panels. It created a wow effect at a wedding

Since Masha and Pavel have decided on an extraordinary wedding ceremony, it was not supposed to be conducted by an ordinary marriage registrar. This important role was assigned to the two best friends of the newlyweds. Instead of a traditional wedding speech and an exchange of oaths, the guys prepared funny and very sentimental dialogs with the bride and groom – a kind insider from the life of the newlyweds! It turned out heart warming and pleasantly atmospheric.

Концептуальная свадьба. Неон. Молодожены. Жених и невеста
Молодожены. Жених и невеста

The design of the banquet space has become a unification of the ideas and desires of the bride and groom in the field of the style and the color palette of the wedding. Strict table setting with black sequin tablecloths, dark wooden chairs with snow-white pillows, designer black vases with snowy hydrangeas and neon-purple glasses and napkins.

The other bright accent in the design of the banquet table, were jars with branded passion fruit lollipops. Blue and Fuchsia sweets with the initials of the newlyweds, and a small sweet heart received by each guest as a wedding compliment commemorating the first family celebration of Masha and Pasha.

When we talk about the design of the banquet hall, we do not always mean the flowers, decor and designer furniture. It is possible to create a unique atmosphere with the help of light, and this can become the main tool for decorating the space. The solid modular wall at the table of the newlyweds had become a real piece of art, from our lighting designers. Changing the patterns and colour of the light beams, we got a different mood and picture each time.

The design of the wedding cake received special attention from Masha and Pasha. First we decided to create a sketch of the future confectionery masterpiece. Having created a breathtaking sketch with a selection of all kinds of neon signs and outlining all our surrealistic ideas, we turned to the wedding cake master Andrei Shevlyagin.

Surprisingly, the order did not frighten the pastry chef, but rather inspired him. A few days later, the sketch was ready, and it was an explosion of fantasy! After combining the sketch with a palette of three amazing flavors, that future newlyweds had selected at the taste tasting we got a truly incredible cake!

I want a memorable wedding!

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All you need to make a perfect event is to submit an online inquiry or make a call and arrange an appointment with your personal manager in our office.