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Destination wedding in Italy

“I think there is no particular life scenario. There are plenty of them and much depends on you. However, I believe that there is an inner voice that guides you to the right path. There is also some voice from the outside, it resembles a whisper. At times it’s so difficult to notice it. Against reason you follow that voice”- these were the lyrics that opened the wedding ceremony of Andrey and Katya in Italy.


Antique 7th century Villa


August 10-12th, 2018


8 months

Number of Guests

40 pax

The Voice of the Wind – La Voce Del Vento

Katya and Andrey are one of our most unconventional couples. When we were getting to know them and summing up the whole story of their relationship, Andrey told us how hard it was to gain Katya’s heart.

Both of them worked for the same international company, where they first met. Andrey сourted Katya for several years. She allured him but was as unapproachable as Elizabeth Bennett from J. Osten’ love novel. Katya was constantly busy with foreign internships, meetings and other business trips. Following several attempts to impress the beloved princess Andrey succeeded, and Katya finally said the awaited “Yes”.


The power of her feminine charm is akin to the force of nature. She is as elusive as the wind itself.

Andrey, the groom
Невеста в Италии

This is how the wedding theme and concept was born – The voice of the Wind which in Italian stands for La Voce Del Vento. The couple’s dream was to celebrate their Big Day in Italy.

Day one. Welcome get-together dinner

The bride and the groom welcomed their guests for the pre-wedding dinner at one of the most picturesque restaurants by lake Como –  “La Veranda”. Katya and Andrey fell in love with it at first sight during our site inspection trip in Italy. Lit by the evening lights, which glittered on the lake’s surface, everyone indulged in the warm family atmosphere from the first minutes of the dinner, ready for the next and most important day – the wedding reception.


Day two. Villa Giona

We had the following request and criteria from the couple when searching for the best wedding venue: something antique with a special atmosphere, by the water, not far from the mountains, a nearby spot to conduct a civil ceremony. Having done a thorough site-inspection trip to Italy, we found a perfect venue with everything that we needed – Villa Giona – an ancient estate on the outskirts of Verona, built in the 13th century, surrounded by vast vineyards and a garden.

Civil Ceremony

The civil ceremony took place in a very mysterious place famed in dozens of legends. The house of Juliet in Verona was built in the ancient 13th century and is all decorated with antique frescoes. This place has a truly romantic atmosphere. Story has it that Juliette from Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet” lived in this exact house.

Свадьба в Вероне
Музей фресок Джульетты, официальная регистрация в Италии
Свадьба в Вероне
Жених и невеста, свадьба в Италии

Wedding reception in the open air

Many couples dream of an abundance of flowers at their wedding, however our couple was an exception. Groups of glass and metal geometric candle holders completely replaced the usual floral arrangements. Transparent furniture and tableware added even more lightness and airiness that we aimed for during the wedding planning.

Оформление свадьбы без цветов
Оформление свадьбы без цветов

The first wedding dance was not the only staged surprise that awaited the guests. For more than a month the bride had been rehearsing a live performance of her favorite love song which she presented to her husband at the evening reception.

Символическая церемония в Италии

Symbolic Ceremony

As planned the symbolic ceremony was supposed to take place in the first half of the day. At the backyard of the villa, in the garden, we set up a giant construction decorated with suspending fabrics. The fabrics waved at wind blows imitating the breath of nature.

Due to a number of circumstances the bride’s father did not catch his morning flight and couldn’t make it to the day ceremony. Our expertise and intuition told us to shift the ceremony to the night time. This chain of nonrandom accidents led to a surprisingly beautiful result.

Do you hear it… go. Follow it. You can do it. I am leading you. I – am your wind. Trust me and follow the voice of wind.

Katya, the bride

Illuminated fabric canvases created additional volume and scenery.  Sitting on transparent chairs and looking around, guests were sharing their impressions of the night ceremony that reminded them of an immersive performance. Instead of a registrar, we turned on prerecorded voices of the bride and groom, which told us their love story.

Символическая церемония в Италии
Символическая церемония в Италии

Day three. The photo shooting

During the third day of the wedding weekend in Italy, when all the guests had already left for Moscow, we took a trip to the cliff where the newlyweds had a photoshoot with an incredible view over Lake Garda.

Свадебная фотосессия в кабриолете
Жених. Фотосессия жениха
Свадебная фотосессия в кабриолете

Katya’s dress was specially designed for this photoshoot. It was as flowing and light as the whole concept of the wedding. We made thousands of breathtaking shots during the sunset. This was our final destination of the magical destination wedding in Italy.

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All you need to make a perfect event is to submit an online inquiry or make a call and arrange an appointment with your personal manager in our office.