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Wedding in Barvikha

Misha and Carmina’s love is felt through each of their breath and look. It was not the love at first sight, although Misha immediately noticed Carmina. The girl agreed to go for a first cup of coffee only a year after they have known each other, since then they have not parted.


Barvikha Hotel & SPA




7 months

Number of Guests

50 pax

All in one

Is it possible to hold an official wedding ceremony, a wedding banquet and a wedding night in the same location? Yes, this is exactly what happened at our beautiful chamber wedding of Carmina and Misha in Barvikha.

The guys spent their pre-wedding day at the Barvikha Hotel, enjoyed the SPA and relaxed before the most exciting event.

The next day, they calmly registered their marriage in one of the most stylish Register offices in Moscow and Moscow region and arranged a wedding photoshoot on the territory of the Barvikha Luxury Village. The wedding banquet and a symbolic ceremony was decided to be held in the Chopard hall. After seeing off the guests, the newlyweds went to their suite for their first wedding night at the Barvikha Hotel & SPA.

Tip: the convenient arrangements of all locations within the walking distance from each other makes the celebration less tiring, but better paced and leaves in your memory extremely fond memories.

The Register office, a walk and a transformation

For the Register office, Carmina chose a very stylish bold jumpsuit and transparent shoes. Our wedding fairy Julia filmed the entire registration in the live broadcast in the groom’s Instagram, because the newlyweds decided to register their marriage just by themselves.

The couple did not leave the territory of Barvikha for the wedding photoshoot. While Carmina was changing her look and the stylist was spinning around her, Misha managed to ride a Harley Davidson on the territory of Barvikha. The groom’s big dream is to travel all over America on a motorcycle.

The wedding decoration

The celebration of the couple turned out to be very sophisticated and airy. The couple most of all dreamed of a family chamber wedding, where every guest will feel right at home. The house of Carmina and Misha has long been a warm nest, where the doors are always open for friends. This is the atmosphere of home comfort that the guys wanted to create at their celebration.

In the decor, we abandoned excessively creative ideas and a riot of colors. Both the bride and us wanted to do something restrained, airy, minimalistic and light. Panoramic windows of the venue, mono floristics and an abundance of glass in the decor helped to achieve the desired effect.

To our big surprise during the discussion about decorations the bride was giving ideas about flower arrangements, and we realized that she has a great taste in flowers.

The couple was very selective in choosing contractors for the wedding, but we quickly managed to understand their wishes and suggest those who would accurately capture their mood. Only one meeting with the candidates to make a decision was enough for Carmina and Misha. After being introduced to the host Alexander Slesarev, they immediately felt the chemistry, and the decision was made. It was exactly the same with the photographer – the guys fell in love with the works of Andrey Nastasenko right away, so the choice was obvious. All the staff were sincerely imbued with the couple, and everyone was happy for the guys and experienced touching moments with them.

Invitations and monogram of the newlyweds were designed by the bride’s mother. The monogram of the couple became the leitmotif of the wedding — it was placed on the cake and on the seating cards.

We want everyone who comes to visit us to feel right at home.

Misha, the groom

To create a warm atmosphere at the wedding, we abandoned the wedding presidium and made two empty seats at each table. So, the newlyweds could sit down with each company and pay attention to everyone. This season, this format is especially relevant for our couples, for example, we did this seating arrangement at the wedding of Lyuba and Ilya.

What added a special charm to the guys’ wedding was the performance of the inimitable Italian pianist Roberto, instead of the usual cover band. The guys love Italy very much, so they especially liked the pianist.

Wedding dances are always touching and very beautiful, but every single time in a special way, exclusively. On the first date, Misha played Carmine one of the most romantic songs on the ukulele — La vie en rose, after which this song became a symbol of their love.

So, on the day of the celebration, Misha surprised Carmina by deciding to perform their favorite song on the ukulele again. Roberto joined in, and Misha spun the bride in a wedding dance in the misty haze.

What ideas can you borrow for your celebration?

I want a memorable wedding!

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All you need to make a perfect event is to submit an online inquiry or make a call and arrange an appointment with your personal manager in our office.