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Beautiful winter wedding in Moscow

There is a story behind each sunrise. The sun that rises from nowhere every day – this is the new story that changes the world.


Orion Hall, Moscow


February 2nd, 2019


9 months

Number of Guests

96 pax

Wedding flashback

An extraordinarily beautiful dawn, the snowy whiteness of a winter fairytale, majestic and fancy scenery as if taken from the Avatar movie… One of the most unusual weddings of the 2019 season evoke these very associations with us as we scroll the photos of Lyuba’s and Ilya’s Big Day which took place on one February Saturday.

You may wonder what all this odd creative mess is to do with the wedding. It’s all about the couple! Sit back, relax and read the couple’s love story.

Wedding concept

Their first kiss as well as their first date happened in an incredibly romantic location: in Montreux mountains in Switzerland at dawn – right where Freddy Mercury’s statue is installed! Since then that the dawn theme has been echoing all through this couple’s love story like a subtle plot line. At one of the interviews in our wedding agency Lyuba shared a memory of their trip to Cappadocia where Ilya arranged an incredibly beautiful hot air ballooning at sunrise.

Оригинальное свадебное приглашение
Свадебные детали

What is winter with all its ice glazed trees and those giant snowballs chandeliers to do with the wedding? This clue is February which the couple chose for celebrating their wedding ceremony. Ilya and Lyuba wanted to highlight the beauty and fairy ambience of the winter season.

As soon as we’ve planned our Big Day for winter it seemed for us so unnatural to make Spring or Summer themed decoration

Lyuba, the bride

Three locations – three wedding moods

It took us more than two months to find the dream venue for the wedding. Lyuba and Ilya were searching for a truly nonconventional venue where they could enjoy both the wedding ceremony and the following dinner reception. Finally, there it was – a super hi-tech contemporary banquet complex Orion Hall, located in a three-storey separately standing mansion. Each part of the wedding itinerary was to take place on its own area and floor. The welcoming cocktail was arranged on the ground floor where a giant 3D-mountains backdrop was set up. Guests could take a photo on the background of the Switzerland Mountains right where the couple had had their first date.

Оформление свадьбы в ORION HALL. Свадебное агентство BM WEDDINGS & EVENTS

The banquet hall became the symbol of the dawn – a huge dynamic chandelier illuminated the ceiling with a gradient sunrise rays, shining through the whole room with gentle pink glow and reflecting in the mirror surface of the tables. Our decorators had brought their design ideas to perfection.

Свадебная вечеринка. Свадебное агентство BMWEDDING
Дуэт ведущих на свадьбу. Свадебное агентство BMWEDDING
Свадебная вечеринка. Свадебное агентство BMWEDDING

The ceremony area was probably the most extraordinary location of the wedding. We set it up on the basement floor of ORION HALL. Here the designers created an illusion of a snowstorm by suspending hundreds of cascades made of fine twigs, snowballs and crystals. A truly winter fairytale. Getting ahead here, we should say that we changed the traditional wedding schedule and arranged the wedding ceremony at night, before the wedding cake appeared.

Ночная свадебная церемония. Свадебное агентство BM WEDDINGS & EVENTS
Ночная свадебная церемония под ключ
Ночная выездная церемония. Свадебное агентство BM WEDDINGS & EVENTS

There is a story behind each sunrise. The sun that rises from nowhere every day – this is the new story that changes the world

The groom’s mother

All these sunrises are waiting for you. One of them will change your lives radically. The story that began at dawn will go on today…

The bride’s mother


The wedding of Lyuba and Ilya is not about shows or performances, abundance of flowers or pretentiousness décorations. It’s about belief in endless opportunities, family values and friendship. It’s about love to everyone, about love to life. We were so happy to see that this conception of love found its way to the hearts of the newlyweds’ parents and friends.

Together with the mothers of the bride and the groom we recorded a sensuous and touching audio introduction for the ceremony.

Группа Градусы на свадьбе
Счастливые молодожены. Свадебное агентство BMWEDDING

The couple’s friends took part in the gastronomic quest at Lyuba’s and Ilya’s apartment. At first, they all searched for the ingredients and then cooked traditional Russian dumplings and mulled wine to welcome the couple upon their arrival. All the process was filmed and then edited to make a funny video greeting from friends.

The bride and the groom also took an active part in the preparing the entertaining video content. They shot two video surprises for their parents. Ilya travelled to his childhood house in Tver where he spent a whole day with his grandfather reminiscing his younger years.

Ideas for the wedding

The wedding of Lyuba and Ilya came out exceptionally warm and heartfelt. This is very much thanks to the newlyweds themselves and to their actively participating friends and relatives. We are happy to share some of these brilliant wedding ideas with you. Hope you get inspired with them.

Why making a separately standing couple’s table at a wedding reception? Lyuba and Ilya decided to take a seat at every guests’ table. Thus, we arranged two spare seats at each round table so that the couple could move around, chat and clink glasses with every single guest during the wedding banquet.

A registrar is absolutely not a must on every single wedding. Lyuba’s and Ilya’s entry on the aisle was accompanied not by a traditional registrar’s speech but by their mom’s voice recordings. The guests heard very touching stories of the groom’s and bride’s childhood recalled by their mothers.

I want a memorable wedding!

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