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Planning a touching wedding in Georgia

What should an Agency do if a wedding host comes to organize a wedding? Now we know: relax and let him become the idea man of all the most incredible things, and then everything will work out for sure! When our friend and great host Dima Sakhno came to visit us with the words «Girls, I’m getting married! Let’s fly to Georgia! », we engaged in a wedding preparation process with an undisguised curiosity, because so many interesting things were waiting ahead.


Ambassadori Kachreti Golf Resort




3 months

Number of Guests

50 pax

The wedding preparations

As summer is a high season for weddings, the most difficult thing to prepare was to combine the schedules of the organizers and the groom. We met late in the evenings, chose any possible time for discussions, planned and created, and, most importantly, tried very hard to surprise the guests and please the bride. And we all flew to Georgia together, chose the hotel and venues for the Banquet, tasted treats and drinks, talked with decorators, stormed the Georgian registry office employees and barely managed to apply for the date we needed.

Грузия. Кахетия
Дом в Грузии

By the way, the date was the starting point for choosing the symbol of the wedding day. The application submitted on September 8 inspired us to use the infinity symbol in the style of the celebration, woven from the branches of grape trees, whose shoots symbolize family, beauty, fertility and well-being. Great start for a family life!

Meeting guests and the hotel check-in

For their stay, Dima and Katya chose the 4-star hotel Ambassadori Kachreti Golf Resort, where we organized a very warm welcome for the guests. Young couple personally met their friends and family at the hotel reception with sparkling wine, while at the hotel rooms welcome gifts were waiting the guests: traditional Georgian sweets and snacks, funny «Do not disturbe» signs to put on the doors, books with pleasant messages from the heroes of the occasion and wooden bookmarks with engraving. We did not forget about the most necessary things during the trip: a Georgian dictionary with the most important words and expressions, a detailed program for a 3-day celebration, and a tote bag with an embroidered wedding symbol – the infinity symbol.

Acquaintance and pre-wedding dinner

Surprises and adventures began on the first day of the guests’ trip in Georgia: Dima and Katya decided to forego the idea of classic pre-wedding evenings and together with us created a very rich program.

On the first day, the guests were expected to have a pre-wedding dinner and get acquainted, but they had to get to it in an extremely interesting way. We went straight from the hotel on a comfortable transfer, and made a stop on our way. The creative groom personally informed the guests that they will have to get to the final point… by air and took the lead jumping on the zipline first. There was no fear: the brave bride and guests followed the groom, and this was definitely one of the most original wedding transfers in our practice.

After landing, the guests found themselves in Sighnaghi, better known as «The city of love», where a professional guide gave them an interesting walking tour. It was here, in the most romantic place in Georgia, that the famous artist Niko Pirosmani laid an entire street with flowers for his beloved. Inspired by the tour, Dima created a choir of his guests and performed the song «Million red roses» right at the Gates of the wedding Palace.

After such an extensive and slightly extreme program, we invited everyone to a very modern and stylish wine bar, where delicious pre-wedding dinner and tasting of traditional drinks were already waiting for the guests.

Гранаты. Грузия

The bachelor and bachelorette parties

The morning of the wedding day was also quite unusual: instead of traditional romantic gatherings and breakfasts, we organized exciting events for the guests –bachelor and bachelorette parties.

All the male guests of the wedding were invited by Dima to join the mini-Golf Cup. Everything was very serious: a photo shoot, competitions, a super prize from the groom and men’s get together in nature.

The girls, meanwhile, were having fun by the pool: dressing in airy snow-white tunics, they enjoyed the cool rose, danced, sunbathed, being photographed and engaged in creative activities.

The wedding

To surprise the guests once again, we have divided the locations of the ceremony and Banquet. The registration itself took place in the same hotel, in a surprisingly beautiful place – by a small lake surrounded by vineyards and golf courses. By the way, the ceremony was not staged, it was obligatory condition of the bride. An official representative of the Georgian civil registry office arrived at the hotel, and one of the closest friends of our young people helped as an interpreter. It was beautiful, touching, and very real.

Besides, in the decor, we again moved away from traditional solutions: instead of an arch, the young couple exchanged wedding rings at a huge floral infinity symbol.

After the ceremony, the guests went to another unusual place on the territory of Kakheti – Badiauri complex, where the wedding dinner was held in the open air in a true Georgian style. Simple wooden tables without tablecloths were filled with delicious cuisine, wine flowed like a river, guests danced barefoot on the grass to the hits of an incredibly charismatic and lively cover band almost until the morning… And one more interesting detail: we abandoned the idea of the classic seating arrangement with a wedding presidium and prepared seats for Dima and Katya at each guest table. That evening, the young people managed to spend time with absolutely all of their guests, and we believe it was the right decision!


Третий день пребывания в Грузии тоже стал для гостей целым приключением, ведь им предстояло оказаться на винном заводе. Сколько же интересных развлечений было для них придумано: молодые вместе с друзьями и родными сами собирали ароматный виноград (а самые смелые попробовали даже давить его ногами!), готовили вкуснейшие хачапури и хинкали и дегустировали различные сорта вин.

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All you need to make a perfect event is to submit an online inquiry or make a call and arrange an appointment with your personal manager in our office.