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Planning a marriage proposal in Paris from Tiffany

Mimes online casting, drawing up a route around Paris and many more amazing events. Everything to make her say «YES!»






2 weeks

Number of Guests

4 pax

«Hello, is this a wedding Agency? I need to arrange a marriage proposal. More precisely, not for me, but for my friend. And not here, but in Paris. Can you do that? » This is how the most unusual, high-speed and secret preparation of a special private event for the future groom Andrey began. And here’s how everything unfolded…

After ensuring that we really «can», Oleg calmly sent the contacts of the omnipotent wedding Agency to his best friend Andrey, and then we found out all the details. Well, honestly speaking, we did find out it only a week later, because all this time Andrey and us couldn’t chat properly, texting on WhatsApp and trying to find a convenient time in different time zones. Andrey immediately warned: «I am extremely busy with work, endless flights, so we will discuss the details, and then I am waiting for concrete proposals. We need to do it promptly, but creatively.»

After having a conversation, we found out that the marriage proposal is being prepared for the future bride Elvira, a very sophisticated girl, passionate about fashion and travel, extremely romantic and in her heart dreaming of a fairy tale for a real Princess. The scene is Paris, where two couples in love fly together for the weekend. Preparation time – 10 days. We took a time-out, and a day later sent Andrey the idea of organizing an unusual proposal.

Coincidences are not coincident or conspiracy level «God»

A series of random miraculous coincidences will begin to happen in the morning, but everything will look so natural, that Elvira won’t guess about the upcoming surprise. We’ll let your friends Oleg and his other half in on a secret, asking them to play along. So, the scenario:

The fiancé Andrey read the script on WhatsApp and replied emphatically: «Yes, let’s go for it!» In the days, we have gone through different combinations of routes, including hotels, cafes, flower shops. As a result, the choice fell on the luxurious 5 * Pullman hotel and one of the most romantic cafes in Paris – Café de l’Homme with a view of the Eiffel Tower and Trocadero gardens. There is no better location for a marriage proposal in Paris!

Online organization of the surprise

The whole process of planning a marriage proposal in Paris was a success! Although it was not without a couple of unexpected moments… which we, of course, successfully dealt with! After all, we are a magical agency.

We managed to arrange with the restaurant to close half of the terrace only for our guests – an exceptional luxury at the height of the tourist season! And the chef has come up with an exclusive brunch menu with lobster, foie Gras, truffles and, of course, champagne! Still, all preparations for this special event took place entirely online. Online casting for mimes, search for a flower shop with a beautiful showcase in google panoramas. The groom had a taste for it so much that he demanded an expansion of the program of events. So, soon a ride around Paris in retro convertibles and an armful of balloons was added to scenario.

The day before the X-day, detailed instructions were given to all the participants of the event and a working chat with the contractors was organized. Paparazzi and the mime were sent photos and descriptions of the outfits that the «tourists» will wear. The groom’s friend Oleg was supposed to send us short messages as we moved along the route. Well, we, being in the Moscow headquarters, followed everything that was happening and sent instructions to the chat. Everyone who took part in the preparation got so emotionally invested, that they burst into tears of happiness at the same time as the bride when the groom proposed to her.

The whole plan of organizing a marriage proposal in Paris was a perfect success! Although it was not without a couple of unexpected moments… which we, of course, coped with! Because we are magic event planners 😉

And here are the funny stories that could have become a disaster, if not for our iron nerves and experience:

  1. That week in Paris, weather was so hot (+35!) that the groom completely forgot about a jacket or at least some element of outerwear in the suitcase, except for t-shirts and polos. The fact that the box with the ring has nowhere to hide, Andrew realized on the day of the upcoming event. But we did not lose our heads and came up with an arrangement to hide the box under the table in the trousers’ pocket just before the mime has appeared. And the mime was even sent a photo of his pocket for a coherence.
  2. It was all because of the same heat, which caused one of the balloons in the bundle to burst in the bride’s arms. And, as luck would have it, the most important one. We had two balloons with hand-painted calligraphic inscriptions «Marry me? » and «Yes». It turned out that on this day, the hostess (and also the calligrapher) decided to deliver such a romantic order of balloons herself, without entrusting it to the courier. Fortunately, there was a stationery store not far from the cafe, where she urgently bought a chalk marker and repeated the inscription on another ball.

I want a memorable wedding!

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All you need to make a perfect event is to submit an online inquiry or make a call and arrange an appointment with your personal manager in our office.