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Incredibly beautiful wedding in Tuscany

Three weeks to get ready, finding the perfect villa in Tuscany, vineyards and cypress avenues. Why did Inna and Sasha come back to us from another agency? Read about the perfect celebration in Tuscany.


Venue Villa Pitiana, Florence




3 weeks

Number of Guests

25 pax

Organizе a wedding abroad in 3 weeks, we dare you! Actually, it all started quite traditionally: Inna and Sasha contacted our wedding agency, as it should be, 9 months before the planned date of the celebration. Like other couples, they arranged a serious casting of agencies and didn’t choose us to our great regret. «Well, that means we need to listen to the client even more attentively, offer even more opportunities and ideas and even better anticipate their wishes» we thought, and continue to hone our organizers’ skills.

To our surprise when at the end of August, the groom called us and said: «Guys, are you still ready to organize our wedding in Italy? The situation is complicated…» It turned out that over the past six months, another agency could not find a suitable venue for the celebration of the couple. This time we met Inna and Sasha fully prepared in the office of our wedding Agency. In just a few days, we have attacked all possible villas, castles, mansions and agro-farms in Tuscany with requests to find the perfect place to celebrate a wedding in Italy.

Within a week, we did the impossible – we signed a contract with a stunning old Villa Pitiana in 30 kilometers from Florence, where all 25 wedding guests were comfortably lodged. The velvet September, warm evenings, colorful sunsets, romantic cypress alleys – you can only dream of such a wedding in Italy.

On the day of the arrival at Villa Pitiana, the guests were immersed in the atmosphere of autumn Tuscany. At the outdoor terrace at the back of the Villa were tables filled with Italian delicacies: fragrant ciabattas, the finest prosciutto, local cheeses, ripe figs, antipasti of olives, artichokes and salami were prepared for the guests. The guests enjoyed drinking cool Prosecco at sunset, and towards the night, they moved to the spacious living room of the villa and arranged a musical evening. Among the wedding guests there were virtuoso pianists and performers of romances.

On the day of arrival, we did not want to have any show program. The guests enjoyed delicious Italian cuisine and breathtaking views of the cypress trees.

Inna, the bride

The morning of the second wedding day in Italy was leisurely and very romantic. The bride and the groom gathered each in their own room, and then went to a photoshoot on the luxurious vintage interiors of the villa. Then, the couple with all the guests in a cortege headed to the neighboring city for the official wedding ceremony at the City Hall. It turned out to be no more difficult to officially register their marriage in Italy than in Moscow. Two weeks before the wedding, we sent a set of documents to a specialized Agency in Rome and received a list of available places in the vicinity of the Villa where you can get married. The City hall turned out to be a wonderful option for the registration, and a small town and the nearest cypress alleys – a marvelous location for a photo walk.

On the way back to the villa, Inna and Sasha, together with the entire photo and video team, stopped by a private vineyard, whose hospitable owner not only allowed us to take pictures, but also treated us to homemade wine. Yes, a wedding in Italy definitely has its advantages!

The warm autumn in Tuscany allowed us to hold a wedding banquet entirely outdoors. Guests were located directly in the garden area of ​​the Villa Pitiana. After dusk, the garden where the wedding dinner was held began to sparkle with new colors: garlands with retro lamps were lit around the perimeter, and we provided the guests with cozy blankets so that they could feel as comfortable as possible until late in the evening.

The first dance of Sasha and Inna became a whole theatrical performance with a mix of several couple’s favorite compositions and styles. It was absolutely spectacular, believe us!

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All you need to make a perfect event is to submit an online inquiry or make a call and arrange an appointment with your personal manager in our office.