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Wedding about love

A chef from Sochi, retro cars at the ceremony, the bride’s dance with her father to Beyoncé – a crazy wedding about the love of Katya and Yura.


SKYRIVER yacht club




2 months

Number of Guests

65 pax

Music brought us together

Katya and Yura are bright and ambitious, and they are madly in love with each other. They met in the 1st year of University. Katya saw on Yura’s social media page that he was listening to U2, so because of a shared love for rock, they began to chat.

Later it turned out that this is not Yura’s favorite band and he likes Metallica more. But I was already in love

Katya, the bride

Is it possible to «finish» the wedding after another wedding agency?

The bride and the groom contacted us two months before their wedding with a rather unusual request. Due to difficulties and misunderstandings with another agency, they were looking for a team that could take over all the work done, save the already booked contractors and venue, quickly resolve the remaining issues and take over the coordination on the day of the celebration.

The couple had an idea of how they want their celebration to be:

The bride really liked the concept of our neon wedding for Maria and Pavel.

Sewing a wedding suit for the groom – a fascinating experience

While Katya was showing us her unusual wedding dress, decorated with feathers and sparkling patterns on a poodle skirts, Yura was desperately thinking about how to speed up the process of choosing a suit for himself without losing his sanity. It is not an easy task to involve the groom in the process of wedding shopping. According to the idea, Yura’s suit was supposed to match with the color concept of the wedding. We applied for individual tailoring in the well-loved CostumeCode. At the atelier we spent at least two hours with the groom, choosing buttons, the color of the stitching and lining, the shape of the collar, the location of the initials. Dozens of fabric options for vests, jackets, and suit elements, and many more nuances – it turns out that creating a suit is quite a quest.

The chef’s rider is no joke!

Katya’s family is very demanding about the cuisine, and not every catering service can meet their high standards. The bride’s father decided at all costs to invite their favorite family chef of the «Baran-Rapan» restaurant in Sochi, Valery Poryadin, to the wedding.

And now, along with the urgent production of invitations and the drawing of design sketches, our wedding agency added another difficult task – to completely build up a kitchen from scratch at the SKYRIVER venue according to the chef’s rider. Yeah, well, it turns out the rider isn’t just for cover bands and stars.

There were more than 1050 items in the list: huge refrigerators, combi steamers, barbecues, gastronome containers, ice generators, and even such small items as salt shakers and cutlery. We were responsible for plane tickets, transfers and accommodation for all sous-chefs arriving from Sochi. And even organized the delivery of sauces specially prepared for the wedding according to Valery Poryadin’s secret recipes. Casting waiters and matching their outfits was our job as well.

In preparation we even have appointed a special coordinator from our team to be responsible exclusively for the kitchen, interaction with the chef and a lot of rental companies, from which we managed to get all the kitchen equipment for the venue.

It’s worth saying that choosing equipment wasn’t the hardest task. It was fairly fun to build up a kitchen as well. We had to put everything up in less than a day and as quickly take everything down after the event, and not to lose a single spoon or a napkin, using a 5-page long list of said equipment as a reference.

Агентство bmwedding

CRAZY IN LOVE, or when the wedding is about true love

The concept of the celebration reflected the couple’s crazy love – CRAZY IN LOVE. Bright colors, neon accents, waterfalls of hand-painted baby’s breath (by the way, this was the only flower used in the design of the hall), – our decorators tried to get away from the classical understanding of decor. With the couple, we carefully selected every detail of the design, even napkins with a color gradient were individually sewn for the wedding.

The IN LOVE phrase was used in all interactive areas:

  • A bar with original cocktails DRUNK IN LOVE
  • An immersive graffiti zone ART IN LOVE, which was created in front of guests and glowed with fluorescent colors in the evening
  • A photo zone with instant photo printing PHOTO IN LOVE, where everyone could take a photo and hang a photo on the counter with wishes for the guys
  • A TOGETHER IN LOVE seating plan

We decided to hold the morning photoshoot in an unusual place for wedding photography – in the FLACON art space. Bright graffiti, stylish street art objects and uninhibited emotions of our happy newlyweds – the result is absolutely «live» photos.

The couple appeared at the ceremony in style. Yura arrived in a red retro Porsche, and Katya was brought by her dad on a blue Volga. Instead of the classic wedding arch, the decorators suggested creating an original geometric installation, decorating it with dotted floral accents and thousands of strained white threads. In the evening, the arch, where in the afternoon the newlyweds exchanged vows, shone with neon light and became another photo zone, and the night rain only made photo even more magical and atmospheric.


In the wedding program, we focused on family soulful content, but not on the show program. Katya and Yura’s wedding dance, video memories from their parents, greetings from the guests from all over the world, the bride’s medley dance with her father and other moments made this event really warm. We also abandon the idea of using a wedding presidium and made two free seats at each table so that the newlyweds could pay attention to all the guests and get their own portion of congratulations from each. During the evening, they moved from table to table. By the way, we also used this format at the wedding of Lyuba and Ilya.

Looking for inspiration for your unusual wedding? We’ll share some tips for your celebration:

I want a memorable wedding!

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All you need to make a perfect event is to submit an online inquiry or make a call and arrange an appointment with your personal manager in our office.