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Anniversary in nature

How to organize an anniversary under the pandemic conditions in 5 days? We tell you how we managed to make a perfect celebration.


Private cottage in the Moscow region




5 days

Number of Guests

25 pax

We have been preparing for this project for 2 months. More precisely, have approached it theoretically, but could not go to the implementation stage. The anniversary fell on the quarantine period, because of this, we were in limbo, waiting for clarification and believed that everything would work out. A week before the X- day, we realized that everything would definitely be closed for another month, and we had to either postpone everything to a later date, or cancel it altogether, or act within the framework of what was possible – organize the anniversary in nature.

The birthday girl was determined, wanted to please her large family and was not ready to cancel this event for anything, because 50 years happens once in a lifetime.

The celebration must be held

Svetlana, the birthday girl

How to organize a cool anniversary in nature in 5 days?

We had 5 days to prepare. The deadline did not frighten us much, because we already had experience in «express» preparation of events. But we still faced some difficulties. Which ones? We’ll tell you:

The anniversary venue

All venues and restaurants were closed for even chamber events. So, we worked with what we have – namely, the family’s country house. As soon as the event was confirmed, we sent a team of our technical specialists to measure the area of the lawn and clarify the possibility of connecting the necessary equipment. On the lawn, we decided to set up a tent without walls, so that the feeling of being in nature was not lost – there the Banquet was held.

A local cuisine, an exclusive menu and original cocktails

There was a client’s family chef at our disposal, we also involved in a barbecue man, catering elements and a bartender with author’s cocktails. Cocktails were developed specifically for the event, including non-alcoholic ones, because the family is very large and there were many children at the celebration. By the way, we made the menu ourselves, following the latest trends in gastronomy. Many of the dishes have been prepared in the open air.

Due to the pandemic, some services were closed and the services we needed were not provided. For example, many pastry shops refused to make us a cake.

The entertainment program

We were not allowed to invite many artists for safety reasons, so we used a minimum of people to create the most intense program and absolutely all contractors were tested for COVID-19 a day before the event.

The family is used to spending weekends with cozy gatherings in a fun company, so we also rented some hookahs. By the way, the eldest son of the birthday girl expressed his wish to make a hookah himself, so we did it without even a hookah man.

We pleased Svetlana with a morning photoshoot in peonies in nature with her daughters. During the day, the birthday girl changed three outfits, and the photos turned out, as expected, — incredible. We have developed a style guide for the stylist and references on clothes for the birthday girl herself.

It was very important for Svetlana to pay attention to all her relatives and please every guest of her holiday, so we offered straw hats with embroidery of each guest’s name as gifts.

The anniversary ended with an incredible firework and, of course, a cake for the birthday girl.

Planning Anniversary in nature

Because of the quarantine, we were presented with a small selection of flowers. the question was how to decorate for the anniversary in style and within the given limitations? Florists and us found a way out – we painted the baby’s breath flowers with a gradient and used dried flowers – they became the decoration of the festive table. It turned out very trendy and stylish. We managed to convey the mood of a bright spring holiday.

The remote holiday

Svetlana has many friends from different parts of the world who could not come to her birthday party due to the pandemic. We found a way out of this situation – we made online invitations for everyone who can’t join live with the offer to record a nice greeting-video for the birthday girl. It was a wonderful surprise for Svetlana on the day of the event.

Gift ideas for guests

If you are planning to organize a family chamber event, you may consider the following ideas as gifts for the guests:

  1. A welcome-kit for the guests of the event – a cool item in the #musthave list of your event. Collect a set of necessary items for your guests: a sleep mask, a cosmetic bag, and other small items. Such a pleasant surprise will please your loved ones if they stay with you the night.
  2. One of our clients personally chose a book for each of the guests, and we would like to point out, that there were quite a few guests. Friends were insanely satisfied with the individual approach and attention from the birthday boy. Personalized gifts are always a special joy.
  3. Gifts can be picked depending on the weather. For example, on hot summer days you can provide with flip flops: everyone will be sick of their heels and dress shoes in the evening, but it’ll be only the begging of the dancing fever. If it rains the perfect gift will be an umbrella with a fun print; if it’s cold – a blanket with an embroidery: it’ll become a warm memory of the event for friends and family.
  4. Hats. In fact, we used them as presents on Svetlana’s anniversary. So, we supported the unified style of the event, and no one was left without a memorable gift.

Everyone loves attention. Believe us, your guests will be touched if you decide to cheer them with a gift on your celebration.

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All you need to make a perfect event is to submit an online inquiry or make a call and arrange an appointment with your personal manager in our office.