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Wedding anniversary

A wedding anniversary, that everyone has been waiting for 10 years. A soulful family holiday, unusual vows and the most unexpected wedding outfits.


the Restaurant «Terrine»




3 months

Number of Guests

60 pax

When you are asked to organize a wedding anniversary…

The moment when 17 years after the school graduation, your classmate writes to you and says «Varya, I have 10-year wedding anniversary soon, I want to celebrate», you experience ambiguous feelings. At first, you think «Oh my God, not so long ago we were doing math together, and now it’s your 10-year wedding anniversary. Are we really such grown-ups… or are we already that old? ». But then you feel proud: «they came to you, so they trust you, and in these 17 years you have become a real wedding professional».

Varya, I have 10-year wedding anniversary soon, I want to celebrate

Tolya, the groom

Tolya Mirny had a really important holiday to plan. 10 years from the date of the wedding is a round date that is worth celebrating. All the guests were looking forward to this holiday, since there was no wedding feast on the day of the official wedding. And especially, this holiday was awaited by Tolya’s wife – Sveta.

Super ideas for a wedding anniversary

When we realized that Sveta and Tolya tell the story of their acquaintance in different ways, we decided to record a humorous video where they separately answer different questions. Even their daughters took part, telling their version of what have happened. And already at the wedding anniversary, it was great to remind guests and all the loved ones about how it all began, how the proposal was made, how their children grew up and what are their plans for the future.

Tolya shared with us that they have a small picture of their family at home, which was drawn by a close friend. We immediately came up with the idea how to use this fact, stretched the image and made it a real «hand-made» banner on welcome.

Since the guests were constantly joking that there probably was no wedding 10 years ago, we decided to dispel this myth and held a staged wedding registration right in front of their eyes. The banner turned into the porch of the Tagansky Registry office, the guests lined up in the corridor, Tolya and Sveta exchanged comic and emotional vows, and their daughters Kira and Sonya took out wedding… earrings, which the young people exchanged. It is unusual, isn’t it?

The program was supplemented by creative performances from friends, a lively cover band and an individual conversational interactivity for the guests – they were specially written by a well-known copywriter from KVN.

Checkered dress code

By the way, you probably noticed that each member of the family had some element of clothing in a classic stylish check: Sveta had a floor-length skirt, Tolya had a vest, and the girls had skirts and headbands. The family look was appreciated by absolutely everyone and they looked very harmonious in the photos.

In the end of the celebration was a festive…candy bar! When you want to move away from the classic receptions and want to provide more variety to guests – choose a sweet table with a small cake, the first piece of which you can also cut. Tolya and Sveta, by the way, gave the first piece to a friend, whose birthday was also on this busy day.

TOP list of wedding anniversary ideas

So, here is our TOP 5 original ideas that you can use to diversify your wedding anniversary program:

I want a memorable wedding!

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All you need to make a perfect event is to submit an online inquiry or make a call and arrange an appointment with your personal manager in our office.