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Bright event in the ART ROCK style

ART ROCK – drive, innovation, business life hacks, leather jackets, spikes, street graffiti, double bit… There was everything at the 10th final meeting of the TRANSFORMATOR club! The residents rocked it like grown-ups!






1 month

Number of Guests

250 pax

The TRANSFORMATOR club is a platform that brought together entrepreneurs, who want to change the world and pursue their goals.

The final meeting venue was LOFTHALL # 2. Brick walls, grunge, neon – the ideal complement to the evening’s concept in the ART ROCK style. The number of successful entrepreneurs per square meter was off the scale.

At the beginning of the program, the drum show by Vasiliev Groove charged entrepreneurs with even stronger pursuit of success.

The day began with a welcome speech by Alexander Pak and insights with life hacks from successful businessmen: Alex Yanovsky, an investor and co-owner of the «Sushi Master» chain, and Alexey Zakharov, the founder and the CEO of SuperJob.

The business part of the event included forum sessions and the so-called «silent networking».

Since the concept of the event was ART ROCK the dress code had to match it. Leather jackets, tattoos, spikes, rock guitars, backcomb hair and other attributes of a rock-party, complemented by bright creative details – all the guests’ looks were as spectacular as possible.

«Rock it is then», decided one of the guests and brought a guitar with him. And you know what? – He has hit the nail on the head. All the cameras were focused on him.

The neon sign became the main attraction for the club members and a spot for dozens or even hundreds of photos. The reflection of neon on the glossy floor of the loft created an impressive effect, that, frankly, we didn’t even expect to see.

At the final meeting, the photozone was not an ordinary pre-prepared banner, but a real performance for guests. All day long, the artist was painting a rock-version of the TRANSFORMATOR club logo, and the guests could watch the creation of the graffiti during coffee breaks and lunch. In the evening, this art creation became another fashionable photo zone.

We decided that the graffiti performance, the light dance show and other tricks would not be enough. That’s why the fur fashion show became an element of the event. The legendary Queen’s songs, fur coats of almost all colors of the rainbow and vivid images – all of these was an unconditional delight.

Клуб предпринимателей. Фотозона. Организация мероприятия.

Neon boomerang photo zone is an instagrammer’s Paradise. Everyone was as creative as they could be. After the event completely different and most importantly very emotional boomerangs flooded Instagram.

Residents remembered their youth together with the legendary Ivanushki International. There were «Topolinyj puh» and «Kolechko-kolechko-koltso». No matter how many years have passed, but the lyrics are not forgotten, and the feet remember the moves, so the dancefloor was on fire!

After Ivanushki International DJs-twins S-BROTHER-S rocked it. Dancing and mixing tracks at the same time – these guys can do anything. Because of their amazing energy standing still was absolutely impossible.

I want a memorable wedding!

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All you need to make a perfect event is to submit an online inquiry or make a call and arrange an appointment with your personal manager in our office.