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Wedding in Montenegro

Magical invitations for guests, an exclusive dress, an unusual dance of the newlyweds and a show program. How we created a real fairy tale with a wave of a magic wand…


Sveti Stefan Island Town




9 months

Number of Guests

45 pax

The concept of wedding in Montenegro

Nikita and Valya met at school. He dedicated songs to her and played the guitar, and she was his muse and generator of the most daring ideas. Over the years, their love only grew stronger… studying at the University together, a joint business startup… and then came the cherished day when, with trembling of her heart and tears of happiness in her eyes, Valya said «Yes! ». The young couple set the wedding for the fall season and decided to hold it abroad. Nikita chose the destination — it will definitely be a wedding in Montenegro (Montenegro has been his mother’s and his favorite resort since childhood), and Valentina took on the responsibility of choosing a wedding Agency.

Many interesting things were connected with the development of the concept of this wedding. The idea to organize a wedding in the style of «Cinderella» did not come to us right away. It was more like a sign of destiny, namely, a letter from the Disney company that we once found in our mailbox.


Surprises for the wedding guests began long before the celebration itself, and more particularly with the receiving of very unusual invitations. Especially for this wedding, we created 30 copies of real Cinderella’s crystal shoes, which were placed on a velvet cushion in a box-transformer. When unfolded the box was a map of the fabulous area where the guests were going to go in a couple of months for a wedding in Montenegro. While in the pockets were hidden cards with quotes from fairy tales and useful information about the upcoming wedding.

The bridal morning

We got inspiration for the boudoir photoshoot of our Princess from the movie «Marie Antoinette»… Rococo style, coquetry and romanticism, the fragrance of thousands of garden roses and an abundance of delicious desserts.

We have been looking for a suitable outfit with Valentina for a very long time for this photoshoot. As we wanted to combine lace and the lightness of translucent textures. After driving halfway around Moscow, we found exactly what we were looking for – a dusty lilac boudoir dress from the new collection of our friend-designer Vesssna. Have a look at what we have done in our photo and video report.

Every Princess dreams of meeting a Prince on a white horse. The bride Valentina met her Prince at school, but the dream of a white horse remained unfulfilled. We decided to fix the situation.

While our Prince was in an olive grove posing for photographers, we arranged a real surprise for the bride – on the lawn, a graceful white horse was waiting for her, the horse took part in the photoshoot with a great pleasure.

The atmosphere of a fairy tale reigned at the welcome cocktail: the guests were greeted by stilt-walkers in palace costumes, a virtuoso pianist played on a snow-white piano, and the photo zone was a huge fairy-tale book decorated with flowers and telling about the love story of Nikita and Valentina. Sounds just like Cinderella’s story, doesn’t it?

Even the presentation of the dishes at the buffet table was very original. In addition to traditional canapes and champagne, three gastronomic zones were organized on the terrace. On the Ukrainian table vodka, freshly baked pies and canapes with lard (it was brought specially from Moscow to surprise the Ukrainian wedding guests) were served, on the cheese table – the whole assortment of Mediterranean cheeses with figs and grapes, and on the sweet table – treats for children.

When organizing a wedding abroad, it is useful to know where the guests will come from, so that you can make such pleasant surprises.

The wedding ceremony of Nikita and Valentina took place on the seashore under the vaults of three flower arches. By the way, the design was made in two main colors of the year according to Pantone (our florists were six months ahead of fashion!) – rose quartz and serenity. The bride appeared in front of the groom, accompanied by dad and nieces, carrying a three-meter train of the wedding dress. Hundreds of weightless flounces were strewn across the skirt, imitating sea foam.

Despite the skeptical attitude of the hotel staff at a wedding in Montenegro, persuading us to organize a banquet indoors due to the high likelihood of rain, we ventured to sit in the open air … and did not regret it a bit. True professionals in their field can even negotiate with the weather.

Against the background of bright greenery, sky-blue tablecloths sewn specially for this celebration looked very fresh. The picture was complemented by lush flower arrangements and original textile borders made of volumetric cream roses. Gold and crystal as accents added a palace chic to the entire decor.

An unusual show program

The loudest and brightest surprise at the wedding in Montenegro for the guests and parents of the newlyweds was a flash mob musical, that the bride and groom together with their friends (and our Agency), diligently rehearsed for two months. To begin with, we rewrote the words of two popular songs from the ABBA musical – Dancing Queen and Mama Mia – for the love story of Valentina and Nikita. Then there were lessons with vocal teachers and the creation of professional tracks at the recording studio. And only after that, all the participants started to learn the dances.

The first wedding dance made a real splash… but how were the guests surprised when suddenly all their friends ran out to the newlyweds on the stage and danced away in the rhythm of Mama Mia. In the final part of the show, the guests called all the guys for an encore! The performance was so emotional and bright.

The series of surprises didn’t end there. The bride and groom performed incredibly touching songs about love for each other, Nikita impressed the guests with a virtuoso guitar playing along with a cover band, and the parents were moved by the videos they showed with passages from the lives of their children…

The finale of the evening was truly enchanting. A fairy tale about the love story of Valentina and Nikita was shown on the villa’s walls. At the end of the 3D mapping, fireworks were projected on the wall, which in a moment exploded in bright colors against the real night sky!

Both the newlyweds and the guests were impressed by the celebration and for a long time after the fact we were still receiving great reviews from the wedding in Montenegro. And the most important positive feedback for us was new weddings – many friends of Valya and Nikita asked us to organize their celebrations.

I want a memorable wedding!

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All you need to make a perfect event is to submit an online inquiry or make a call and arrange an appointment with your personal manager in our office.