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Wedding coordinators: why you need them

Why should you invite a coordinator to your wedding?

A modern wedding rarely does without a coordinator. It is thanks to this specialist that the newlyweds can relax and enjoy the carefree atmosphere of the celebration, and not worry that everything is not going at all as planned.

The role of the wedding coordinator at your celebration

Sometimes the bride and groom are interested: why do we need a wedding coordinator if the scenario of the celebration has already been thought out to the smallest detail? What could possibly go wrong? The fact is that not only preparation for the ceremony, but also the event itself requires involvement. Let’s figure out what benefits you will get if you invite a wedding coordinator.

Saved time and nerves

You don’t have to get up at dawn and go to the venue to, for example, monitor the installation of decor and figure out why not all the details were delivered. And after the wedding, there will be no need to be mortified for the garbage left behind. It’s been proven: if the wedding coordinator monitors compliance with the terms of the contract, contractors work more conscientiously and efficiently!

Hands-on experience

By trusting a specialist, you will not worry that guests will not be able to get to the restaurant on time, that the chef you invited will not have the necessary utensils, and the time of the photo session will coincide with the bringing out the wedding cake. The wedding coordinator from our wedding planner has a wealthy experience to avoid such unpleasantness.

Assistance to guests

After sending out invitations, the phones of the newlyweds begin to blow up with calls from guests. You have to answer how to get to the venue, what to wear if there are no clothes in the wardrobe that correspond to the dress code of the event, whether there will be dishes without milk /meat / eggs on the menu, etc. So that you do not feel like a help desk, a wedding coordinator can leave their phone number as a contact for your guests. They will explain all the unclear moments, help and cheer up the guests. This service is provided by prior arrangement, so if your guests need help, do not forget to inform the managers of our wedding agency!

Emotions instead of headaches

Unfortunately, not all newlyweds manage to find out that not only guests should have fun at the wedding. If you don’t want to be distracted by thoughts about the banquet, the scenario, the concert program and other trifles, then let the wedding planner take care of the celebration.

Solving unforeseen situations

What should I do if the car of the artists invited to the wedding broke down, and the bride tore her dress, catching on a rose bush? An experienced wedding coordinator will not get lost even in the most difficult situation. They will always have a needle and thread, a phone number for a car rental company, and an inexhaustible supply of positivity.

What does the wedding coordinator do?

Every wedding is unique, so the tasks given to the coordinator may vary. If a celebration follows a classic scenario, a wedding coordinator has the following responsibilities:

  1. Organizes newlyweds’ morning: helps to get ready, has a control over the make-up artist and photographers’ time of arrival, provides a served breakfast, chooses accessories for the photoshoot.
  2. Controls the timeline of the wedding to avoid the delays and other mishaps. A wedding coordinator can make and adjust the hour by hour plan for the wedding by prior arrangement.
  3. Greets artist, photographers, videographer and other hired staff. A wedding coordinator controls everything by the terms of agreement, and resolves conflicts if there are any.
  4. Interacts with the MC, controls his responsibilities, and makes sure that the celebration goes according to plan.
  5. Greets guests, shows them where to place gifts and where to be seated.
  6. Doesn’t let newlyweds to be bothered by the hassle.
  7. Makes sure that all the dishes are served on time, the dirty ones are cleared from the table right away, so to not ruin the photographs. And if the guests get cold, a wedding coordinator provides them with blankets.
  8. Escorts newlyweds to the photoshoot, helps them to get in the car. If needed can hold the bouquet, gracefully fold the bride’s dress to have a nice shot, provide an umbrella.
  9. After the celebration provides transfer to newlyweds and guests. Moreover, a wedding coordinator provides a delivery of flowers and gifts, controls the removal of decorations.

While a wedding coordinator is at work, newlyweds can without haste receive congratulations, take pictures, enjoy the atmosphere and each other’s company

Do you wish for your wedding day to go perfectly? Our wedding planner has been organizing wedding celebrations all over the world for over 15 years and knows exactly how to make an unforgettable celebration!

If you go to us to plan your wedding, the coordinator service will already be included. We recommend inviting two coordinators for your wedding – we charge 40 000 rubles for two of them.


12 July 2022


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