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Creative projects

Ballerinas are not born, they are made. Or at least you may be transformed into one.

«Why not try Ballet» - a business hen-party for 30 successful brides, wives and mothers, planned by BM WEDDINGS & EVENTS in the historical interiors of the luxurious National Hotel.

Bachelorette parties can be held not only before the wedding but even after. This is an event that leaves good memories and beautiful photographs in a photo album. Recently, we fulfilled the dreams of 30 girls, each of whom, by the way, is also a successful businesswoman – a member of the TRANSFORMATOR women’s club. We organized a secret photo party dressing them up as ballerinas.

The ladies were transformed into ballerinas and experienced the most pleasant moments of the dress up: fitting of a tulle tutu skirt in a variety of pastel shades, creating floral hair accessories, and of course, taking part in a photoshoot in the interiors of the National Hotel with the view of the Red square. A team of top artists led by the top stylist Elena Yurina created unique images with hair buns for girls, while 6 photographers took the amazing photographs and captured absolutely all the ladies in their desired angles.

Утренняя фотосессия невесты в отеле Националь

At breakfast time Varvara Peregudova told the participants of the photo day several fascinating facts about the National Hotel. For example: it was exactly here the artist Johanson came up with the Stolichnaya vodka label design, sitting at a table and looking at Mokhovaya Street from the restaurant, or that the famous ballerina Anna Pavlova was a frequent guest of the National.

To be involved in history and culture of this place was a special feeling experienced by our newly minted ballerinas. They were particularly pleased with the photo shoot in the hotel room where the Russian prima once lived and prepared for the world performances. During the break girls enjoyed a sweet surprise, as you might have guessed, named after the dancer – «Anna Pavlova». By the way, there is a story that it was created on the occasion of the ballerina’s birthday during her world tour. Introducing the new dessert, the chef exclaimed: «as airy as Pavlova».

Десерт Анна Павлова. Свадебный девичник в отеле Националь
Свадебный девичник в отеле Националь. Команда BM WEDDINGS & EVENTS
Екатерина Портнягина. Фотосессия в Президентском люксе отеля Националь

The founder and the President of the TRANSFORMER club Ekaterina Portnyagina shared her impressions of the project:

«When I had the idea of organizing a secret event, I was thinking how to take my businesswomen’s minds off of the topic of entrepreneurship and immerse them in the atmosphere of femininity and lightness! I really want to remind them about balance, about dedicating time for tenderness, even when they are hard at work.

The reaction of the girls was so incredible that, frankly, it touched me to my very soul! Everything turned out as I intended – the day of a real dream with the BM WEDDINGS EVENTS team. »

By the way, recently, on June 11, Catherine and her husband Dmitry Portnyagin had a wedding anniversary. This photo party, surrounded by friends and residents of the club, was a great opportunity to unwind and experience new emotions that all the girls so desperately need…

This themed photo party guarantees a sparkle in the eyes and enthusiastic words of friends, and most importantly – an unforgettable day for you to hold on to. The theme can be anything – the choice is limited only by your imagination!

1 August 2019


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