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Wedding Ideas

Wedding invitations — when to send?

Answering 1000 and 1 question about wedding invitations!

Wedding invitations are the very first impression of the celebration for the guests. It is necessary to immerse guests in the atmosphere and mood of the celebration in advance so that they can do everything in time and savor the preparation together with you. Invitations are usually sent to guests 2-3 months before the wedding, so that guests have time to prepare: choose a festive outfit, buy a gift or ask for a day off at work.

Do you need Save the date?

If you are itching to tell the whole world about your happiness and inform the guests in advance about the place and date of the celebration, then Save the Date will be a perfect choice. The Save the Date card is a preliminary wedding invitation that is sent to guests sometimes even a year before the event. Most often, Save the date is created in an electronic layout and sent via Email, What’s App or Telegram. You just have to write the date, your names and a request to “book” this day for the wedding, or the unambiguous phrase “save the date for our wedding” on the card.

Such a mailing is especially relevant if you are planning a wedding abroad or if you invite foreign guests. Guests prepare for such events in advance: they apply for visas, plan their vacation at work, book hotels and tickets.

Printed invitations usually look like an envelope with a series of several cards inside:

  • Main card with all the important information (date, time, venue, address, contacts of your wedding coordinator);
  • Insert “Dress Code” – with a request to support a special wedding dress code;
  • Insert “Gifts” – here can be your wishes for gifts or a link to your wedding wish list;
  • In addition, you can make an insert with a location map.

Digital invitations can be in several formats:

  • PDF or JPEG image for mailing on social networks. You can make such invitations yourself using convenient websites canva.com and www.paperlesspost.com

Wedding Invitation Website

A personal invitation site where you can get creative and tell your guests your love story and post a lot of useful information:

  • Video invitation
  • Wedding day schedule
  • Marks on the map
  • Wishes for a dress code and gifts
  • Questionnaire for guests on the menu and transfer
  • Answers to the main questions

On such a site it will be possible to upload your wedding photo gallery at the end of the celebration, so that all guests can once again enjoy the aftertaste of your Big Day.

Such sites are often needed by couples who celebrate a wedding abroad, but sometimes such an unusual format is simply favorable. To create an invitation site, we recommend these constructors:

or contact a website designer on wix or tilda platforms. Typically, such a service costs from 10,000 rubles.

Classic or creative wedding invitation design?

Usually, couples are divided into two types. Those who prefer classic invitations, on which the main words are placed, handwritten and printed fonts are combined together, and there are just a small number of concise elements and drawings.

Such cards turned out to be very neat and effective in their simple and clear design.

And other couples choose bold concept invitations, in the style and color of their wedding.

To translate the desired idea into reality, a laser, engraving, sealing wax and author’s calligraphy are used.

But paper, sealing wax and ribbons are not the only materials for invitations. Wood, metal, glass, LEDs, plants, natural minerals will turn your invitations into real works of art, just like at the wedding of Ilya and Lyuba.

How to write a task for a designer

To draw up a technical task, the designer of your wedding invitation needs to take a few simple steps:

  • Collect your favorite invitation references;

You can get inspired from various inspo-pages, such as

and of course, the irreplaceable source of aesthetics www.pinterest.ru .
  • Write text inside invitations;
  • Make a list of guests with names, surnames and applicable messages.

After the invitations are ready, print out your wedding guest list so that it is convenient to mark who has already received the coveted letter and who has not yet. Do not be afraid to make changes to the designer and look for visual common ground a little longer, because invitations are the calling card of your wedding, which should perfectly represent you.

12 July 2022


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